❓ Frequent questions and answers

What is Crystal dreams?

Crystal dream is dream analysis service that helps you to do the hard work. But you are the only one that will interpret your dream. We will guide you with your personal dream report.

Is Crystal dreams a dream interpretation service?

No, Crystal dreams service consists of a first dream analysis with our AI dream analysis algorithm and the a expert psychologist expert in dream analysis will review your results and send you a personal dream report, with all the dream analysis generated by our AI and many questions about the symbols in your dream. She will guide you with those questions to help you get the personal meaning of your dream.

How do we analyze your dream?

We use our dream AI along with our psychoanalyst and dream expert.

  1. You write your dream.
  2. Our AI algorithm analyse it in every detail.
  3. You see online the analysis of our AI.
  4. We receive your dream analysis and our psychotherapist expert in dream will review it.
  5. She will send you a personal dream report with your analysis and questions for you to help you interpret your dream.

How long it take to revceive your personal dream report?

Wait about 24 hours, we need to review it carefully and generate a personal report for you with questions about your dream.

What scientific literature do we use for analyzing your dream?

We use the Hall & Van de Castle’s dream scale, Jungian archetypes and latest research in dreams.

Why is important dream analysis?

Dream analysis helps you gain deeper understanding of yourself. If you believe that dreams provide meaningful insights about you, you will be able to become a whole person and while your walking your spiritual journey.

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Analyze your dream now with Crystal Dreams

Here's what you'll get:

· A full list of elements in your dream.

· Guided questions to interpret your dream.

· A personalized dream analysis report.