Everyone wants to understand their dreams, but nearly everyone makes the same mistakes when interpreting them. It 's weird.

Dream analysis and interpretation for awakened dreamers

Hi there fellow dreamer,

If you are interested in interpreting your dreams and want to know how you can uncover the hidden messages of your dreams and learn about yourself, you should read the following paragraph carefully.

This letter is addressed to people who want to analyse their dreams or interpret them to apply their hidden symbols and messages in their life and be happier.

But first, I must tell you something important.

Crystal dreams analysis and interpretation service is unique. It is for people who want to get to know themselves better and have happier lives.

You are not going to suddenly resolve all your problems. Neither you are going to be a better person with superpowers tomorrow. We don’t have secret spells.

Life and dreams don’t work like that.

It is for people who know that learning something really worthwhile in their current life requires their interest.

Another important thing to know, we are NOT going to have a facebook group or forum for posting your dreams and give you free dream interpretations.

If you have any doubts (which you will), send me an email and I will solve them directly.

As simple as that.

Anyway, I will try to answer all your doubts below.

Now, if you want to analyse and interpret your dream, here I will show you everything you should know to get the most from our service.

Our dream analysis and interpretation service for wild dreamers is an online service powered by our AI and by a human, myself, that will allow you to understand better your dream, how your current awaken life and emotional states influence your dream, the hidden symbols in your dream, what those symbols mean, how you can apply those messages in your daily life … and even more things that I will tell you.

The objective of our dream analysis and interpretation service is crystal clear:

Learn from your dreams in such a way that when you apply their hidden messages to your life you improve yourself, you identify the source of your emotions, you can take actions in those unresolved emotional problems and have a better life.

Whatever you are dealing with in your life.

And all this is possible thanks to the analysis of dreams joining the ancient traditions and the latest discoveries in dream science with the use of a cutting edge technology, there is no doubt about it.


Because dream analysis is not based on opinions or fads.

It doesn’t matter if you have recurrent dreams, if you have nightmares, erotic dreams, if you have very emotional dreams, if you have crazy dreams…

it doesn’t matter.

If you want to solve your emotional problems in your life, you must know how to analyse your dreams.

And you must know how to use their hidden messages to do it.

There are many people who often dream very rich dreams who don’t know how to use what their dreams are telling them, how to decode them, how to analyse them.

Some of the things you will get with our dreams analysis and interpretation service:

A full analysis of your personality and current emotional state in your awakened life with a scientific validated questionnaire.

Characters in your dream and their social interactions.

Emotions in your dream and the relationship with your current state of mind.

Symbols in your dream, what your dream, your unconsciousness, is trying to tell you to solve your daily emotional problems.

Free dream analysis and interpretation exercises and tools for making the interpretation even more personal and start to work to interpret your dreams on your own.

You dream interpretation is going to help you to:

Have a better self, by understanding the messages of your unconsciousness that are hidden in your dreams.

Increase your happiness, by identifying those emotions that keep you anxious and take action to avoid them.

Have a better life, when you know the root cause of a problem, you stop wondering and your mind relaxes. Meaning you stop being stressed by your awakened life.

Dreams are a mirror of your awakened life, your desires, worries and social conflicts.

It doesn’t matter if you dream with a snake, with a monster, with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, with your boss, all those characters in our dreams can help us to understand ourselves and mirror our weaknesses.

If you want to understand your dreams.

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Dream analysis and interpretation for awakened dreamers. 40.95€

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Can I ask you a few questions?

Sure, by all means.

What profile is suitable to take advantage of this dream analysis and interpretation service?

Anyone interested in understanding what their dreams mean. It doesn’t matter your gender, age, religion or condition, we all dream. But if you remember them often, you have very intense dreams, you have recurrent dreams, you feel connected to something higher than yourself, you are in the path of growth, self knowledge and improvement. This dream analysis service will help you to dissect your dreams and get clear symbolic messages from your unconsciousness to help you in your daily life, to connect with your higher self, be a better person, be happier and live a better and conscious life.

Do you include support?

Of course. If you have any questions (which you will have) just send an email to the address that will come in the course and I, personally, I will solve it. I will always answer you within 24/48 working hours. You can ask me questions and solve all your doubts without worrying about deadlines.

What is the exact process for analysing my dream?

We already have your dream in our database, which, by the way, we always delete our database every 30 days to guarantee the proper data protection. So, first, we receive your interest in having your dream anaysed, then, we will send you an online emotional health questionnaire, which is medically validated. When the questionnaire is filled, we will receive your current emotional state, then we will link that information with your dream, and then we will run our AI algorithm that will help us to extract every information from your dream, then we will map that information to our symbols database. Finally, when all that data is ready, myself, I will review all your data, write you personal comments and exercises to help you interpret your dream by yourself. I will personally certify your dream analysis and interpretation.

When will the dream report be sent?

As soon as you fill the online emotional health questionnaire that we will send you, I will start to analyse your dream. First, our data processing pipeline will take care of some tasks. Then, when the data processing tasks are done, I will receive a draft of your report, I will read through it, write your interpretation, some comments and tasks for you. This process normally takes from 24 to 48 hours. We could automate everything and be instantaneous, but we prefer to have humans on the loop to give better interpretations.

What is the format of the dream report?

It’s a PDF report composed of several sections dissecting your dream and its content. Normally, 4 to 5 pages.

Do you send it to any country in the world?

Yes, we send a digital copy to your email.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

No, there is no refund. If you think I have nothing to teach you about your dream, it’s better not to buy our dream analysis and interpretation service. That’s it. No problem.

Is it a good investment?

If you want to learn from your dreams or if you want to know in depth all the secrets of your dreams to apply it to your daily life and see the strength and momentum you get thanks to it, with this dream analysis and interpretation service you will learn how to do it. From there, it’s up to you to decide.

* Secure payment by credit card or Stripe.

Dream analysis and interpretation for awakened dreamers. 40.95€

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