🧙‍♂️ Who we are

Hi there dear and beloved dreamer,

I’m David Martín-Corral, founder of Crystal dreams. I’m an intuitive, artist, serial entrepeneur and scientist. I’m a former visiting researcher at the Human Dynamics Lab at MIT Media Lab, US.

I’ve been obsessed with dreams since my early childhood, after I’ve studied everything related to human behaviour and been in psychotherapy. I decided to use my skills, passion and experience to help other people to take out the most knowledge from their dreams to improve their lives.

Our mission is to help you be a better and happier person by using the symbolic messages of your dreams.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve.

Please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or comments. Please enter your email address so we can reply to you.

Our dream analysis service is designed to help people learn more about their dreams and their own life.

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